Rent out your property through Bricktons

At Bricktons, we firmly believe that extensive marketing of your property, networking with a larger pool of trusted agents and having a thorough understanding of your tenant needs is the key to a satisfactory and faster real estate transaction. We do all of this and much more.

Our agents are trained professionals backed by a strong organization that is committed to making your real estate experience smooth and hassle-free.

Simply give us your contact information below and our agent will call you within the next business hour. You can also call us, Mon to Sat from 9 am to 8 pm at (022) 2641 2600.
Why Us?

Why use Bricktons to rent out your property?

  • We do more and better marketing

    Most tenants today start their property search on the web. We make sure that your property is advertised everywhere the tenants are looking - our own website, other real estate websites and traditional medium (We don't disclose the exact address or any personal details). This extensive advertising gives your property, exposure to a much larger number of potential tenants looking to rent.

    For every property listed with us, we bring out its key features and uniqueness using high quality photographs, detailed description and a floor plan.

  • We reach out to a much larger network of trusted agents and potential tenants

    We have invested heavily in technology to build our own state-of-the-art real estate business applications and a quality website, to enable us to easily and quickly reach out to a much larger network of agents and potential tenants. We promote your property to significantly more potential tenants than any traditional agent possibly can.
  • Our agents are with you every step of the way

    Our agents are trained and experienced professionals who assist you right from the beginning to the end. We help with setting the best possible price for your property, finding a suitable tenant, negotiating pricing and terms, drafting of agreements, property registration and police verification process.

    Once you decide to list your property with us, you can be assured that our agents will give you unparalleled professional service. Our agents are backed by a strong team to get the best possible price for your property.

  • Local area expertise

    We assign your property to an agent who is dedicated to the local area. As a result, our agents develop in-depth local experience and expertise. This helps the agents stay focussed and market your property better to prospective tenants.
  • We make it easy

    Our primary goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. We constantly reinforce this principle in our staff training. We continually improve our processes and technology, to provide our clients with a superior, hassle-free experience.
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